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Le Mans MotoGP Qualifying
Full results here.

Bit of a turn up for the books with Colin Edwards setting his first ever MotoGP pole. I don't know what's got into the Texan Tornado but it's good to see anyway. I suspect though that he'll drop off back down the rankings as the race progresses.

Stoner sat in second might mean a repeat of last weeks domination, let's hope not I want more competition for the lead.

Checa sat in third is another big suprise, it'll be interesting to see if he stays up there.

Rossi's going to have his work cut out sat on the second row with Hopkins and Elias.

Looks like it will be a good race tomorrow.

Gone Away
Do they use the full Le Mans circuit or a shorter version?
Date Added: 21/05/2007

The shorter version, the don't use the huge straight. I've written the race report and it'll be up later, I've been a bit busy this weekend.
Date Added: 21/05/2007

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The shorter version, the don't use the huge straight.
Date Added: 31/01/2018

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