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The ID card debacle
Not only have the powers that be decided that they'll just bolt the ID card scheme onto current Home Office databases rather than create a new one but the costs of Machiavellian scheme have risen by the a huge factor.

5.5 billion for a scheme that will not make anyone any safer. Seems a little excessive to me.
If they gave me 200 million i'd happily visit every household in britain and ask them personally if they were terrorists. I would log their answer in a database and we'd all know who the bad people were......wouldn't we?

It would actually be more effective because statistically i'd be bound to come across a crime in my travels, whereas who will tick the 'terrorist' box on a home office form?

Occupation: Skilled Professional Labourer Terrorist

Date Added: 14/05/2007

damn your website and its excessive spacing removal.
Date Added: 14/05/2007

Gone Away
In a way, it's kinda comforting to know that economics still rules over government ambitions. The fact that money dictates that the totalitarian dream must be downgraded to something that is already in existence gives new hope to the theory that the project will be cancelled long before it ever gets off the ground. Rather like Blue Streak and so on...
Date Added: 14/05/2007

Keef, when you come back maybe you can get a job doing just that? As for the spacing, you can't blame me, HTML sees multiple spaces as only one space unles you go to the hassle of writing non breaking spaces.

I hope you're right Dad but it angers me that we have to rely on the government's incompetence to save us from their totalitarian dreams.
Date Added: 14/05/2007

The really concerning thing then must be the level of incompetence of the current govt. They are so incompetent that they are likely to have got the sums wrong and the whole thing will finally be implemented for £8.33p and be linked into the national lottery database.
From then on every major lottery win will come with your own suspected terrorist who you have to keep chained up in the grounds of your new mansion indefinately. This will reduce the ammount of required prison space and the whole scheme will be hailed as huge success.
There will be a big party in london to celebrate the end of terrorism in the uk. The party goers will be gunned down and blown up by disgruntled members of the now defunct MI5/MI6 divisions in a desperate bid to reinstate their disbanded govt departments.

Is this what you want Tony? Is it? Is it?
Date Added: 14/05/2007

Er yeah about that - Tony's gone and in a few weeks it's Gordon the miserable Scot Marxist control freak instead...

So how easy was emigrating Keef?
Date Added: 15/05/2007

ahhhhh him

Gordon Brown taxes the sun
Every town stops having fun
creeps through the night
stealing you rights
Less for your pound with Gordon Brown

Every days not like the last
harsher laws subdue the mass
cameras on you
whatever you do
Always around with Gordon Brown

Is that the man?

Date Added: 15/05/2007

Bloody hell! I didn't realise that the Stranglers wrote that about Gordon! ;)
Date Added: 15/05/2007

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The really concerning thing then must be the level of incompetence of the current govt.
Date Added: 31/01/2018

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