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British Superbikes at Silverstone 2007
I said I'd go again and so I have. This year the Silverstone round was much earlier (29th April). I booked two tickets on-line for me and my brother Pootle. Later I discovered that under sixteen's go free so I gave my spare ticket to Simbo.

We had a great day but damn it was so cold! The whole crowd was shivering. The day before had been so hot that I'd bee riding round with all the zips on my leather's undone so I went to Silverstone with just a t-shirt and leathers. Doh!

It didn't dent our enjoyment too much though and I used my previous trip's knowledge to good use getting us to just the right spot to watch the racing. We saw the hottest overtaking and position swapping from where we were and for the rest of the circuit there was a giant screen to watch. We saw Shaky clip Haslam and go off and sadly we saw Leon Camier go down too. Pootle and I were gutted for him, he's a bit of a new favourite of ours; his overtake on Walker was great (the crowd groaned, I had no idea how strong the support for Walker was).

I'm glad to say that this year I didn't leave my disc lock on and drop my Zed in front of hundreds of bikers.

I shall definitely try to catch more BSB rounds this year.

Speaking of riders going down, did you happen to see the AMA Supersport at Barber? Jamie Hacking washed the front end in the first lap. He tried to save it instead of letting it continue to low side. The bike high-sided and threw Jamie down in the middle of the track. Mayes was in the process of passing a rider on the inside so he didn't see the bike down. As he came out of the pass Hacking's bike was right in front of him. Mayes' bike launched and went over the top of Hacking who was laying on the asphalt. Not running over him, but flying over him. Talk about getting hang time!

They were both out at the restart but neither seemed seriously hurt.
Date Added: 02/05/2007

I'd love to watch AMA but sadly I don't have satellite or cable which is what I'd need.

The incident you're talking about was reported in the UK's weekly bike rag - MCN - and they pics of the bike going over the guy on the ground. Amazing! I can't believe he walked away. Oh and thanks for the explanation of how it happened Irondad; MCN was very vague.
Date Added: 02/05/2007

Gone Away
There is nothing quite like live racing. The TV is all very well but cannot give any idea of the sound and smells. Glad the Pootle enjoyed it!
Date Added: 02/05/2007

Pootle almost bought a team cap but they didn't have Leon Camier caps.
Date Added: 02/05/2007

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There is nothing quite like live racing. The TV is all very well but cannot give any idea of the sound and smells
Date Added: 31/01/2018

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