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MotoGP Jerez free practice 2
Things are settling out in Jerez. Looks the Spaniards are having fun at home. What's going on with Capirossi?

1. Checa
2. Pedrosa
3. Elias
4. Stoner
5. Roberts
6. Rossi
7. Hopkins
8. Vermeulen
9. Edwards
10. Barros
11. Capirossi
12. Melandri
13. Hayden
14. de Puniet
15. Hofmann
16. Tamada
17. Nakano
18. Guintoli
19. Jacque
20. Akiyoshi

Gone Away
.oO(This is bad - these names are actually beginning to mean something to me...)

Hey, Mad, how about giving us a list of the riders, the bikes they're on and how good each bike is supposed to be this year? So far I've absorbed the fact that the Ducatis are fast in a straight line and that the Hondas have problems (sounds familiar - you sure this isn't F1?). But no idea who's on what.
Date Added: 24/03/2007

Good idea Dad. I do tend to assume that the reader knows who's who and what's what.
Date Added: 24/03/2007

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