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MotoGP Jerez free practice 1
We have some weird results for the first practice session. Kenny Roberts jnr. has posted the fastest time. Followed by Melandri and then Casey Stoner. Next up is Hayden (remember him? Oh yeah he's the dude with a number 1 on his fairing), then Elias, Hopkins, Pedrossa, Rossi, Edwards. Capirossi is way down in 14th.

Good thing it's only the first session or I'd be really confused. What's Kenny doing at the front? And why is Capirossi so far behind Stoner? Hayden ahead of Rossi? Maybe the Honda's have sorted out their early season problems.

As ever - Go Hopo!

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I'm just starting to learn driving on a motorcycle so I believed to look into MotoGP more systematically (never was interested in it but now it's different). What a competition. Those guys are unbelievable. I really like Ducati just had so much more power. Ducati did really well with that engine.
Date Added: 16/03/2018

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