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Looking for America
This is the last major piece of news that I've been failing to blog:

I recently received some money that's been coming to me and it's enough to finance a trip to the States to visit my Dad in Oklahoma. I intend to get a bit of bike touring in while I'm there. Can't wait.

Gone Away
You'll love it here, Mad. Open spaces, heat and the fastest food in the West. What more could you ask?
Date Added: 10/02/2006

Yeah, bring on the Taco Hell!!
Date Added: 10/02/2006

April 1 - you can come help me unpack.
Date Added: 10/02/2006

Hey Josh! April 1st I'll be on a ride-out in Wales probably, I was looking more June/July time. Fancy a visitor about then?
Date Added: 10/02/2006

Absolutely man. We can cruise into Austin and catch a show or something. Keep me posted, and I'll do the same.
Date Added: 11/02/2006

Gary Charpentier

Where are you flying into? Or are you still planning the Canadian bike scheme?

Either way, let me know. I will flog Frogwing cross-country as far as we need to go.

Get here,
Date Added: 11/02/2006

Nothing set in stone yet Gary. My Dad is telling me that my Canada plan is daft, it's too far, the bears will eat me, the wheels will fall off the bike etc. He forgets that I've travelled some of the vast distances in Australia so I have some idea what it's like to travel all day and still not reach that dot on the map.

Where I think he may well be right is it'll eat up too much of my precious holiday time. He suggests flying into Dallas where he'll pick me up. Then I pick up a cheap bike and strike out to explore when I feel like it. I've had a look at the route to visit you and it looks easily do-able to me.

I'm also going to visit my friend Josh in Texas (I'd forgotten he's moving from Maryland to Texas when I was posting on your blog). I fancy have a ride to the Ozarks in Arkansas and looking for some good twistys there. That's the limit of my plans so far.

Which just leaves one problem. Vanessa's going to kill me when she finds out I'm not doing Canada...
Date Added: 11/02/2006

that's ok... I always seem to get the shit-end of the stick - I probably should be used to it by now. that said, I must admit to being disappointed. again. sighs heavily. I do hope you have fun though, that's what it's all about, eh? :)
Date Added: 15/02/2006

Awww Pix, you know I'd dearly love to visit you but it's pretty hard to fit it in with a visit to Oklahoma. I really do want to have a potter around Canada at some point and you know when I do that I'll be dropping in on you first. :x
Date Added: 15/02/2006

I'm glad you crossed the pond! I'm also glad to see that Josh is alive. I hope life brings you much joy.
Date Added: 23/02/2006

Brett you nutter, I haven't been yet!

Cheers for dropping in and I think it's pretty kewl that we both have nice new jobs
Date Added: 23/02/2006

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