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Big brother
I don't understand why the UK media isn't making more of this?

Time for that fake, undersized numberplate me thinks. And the tinted visor. Merry Crim by the way. Keep writing, keep riding, stay safe.
Date Added: 23/12/2005

Gone Away
They don't want to go down in Big Brother's little black book, that's why. :>
Merry Christmas, Mad and Boogie and Pootle! :)
Date Added: 25/12/2005

Indeed Sparx, I've never had an urge for a microscopic plate before but I do now... Oh and merry christmas to you too!
Maybe Dad, maybe.
Date Added: 27/12/2005

Gary Charpentier
Hey Mads, is this for real? I mean, it's not April 1st or anything. Here I thought the USA was going fascist, but this is completely astounding!

Ride well, (and keep that plate covered!)

Date Added: 05/01/2006

I'm afraid it's very real Gary, it's enough to make me consider following my Dad!
Date Added: 30/01/2006

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