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Furious from Coventry
I'm so angry I can't post coherently right now, instead I'll just give the link that has enraged me: Vehicle movement database

1984 anyone?
Date Added: 15/11/2005

No thanks, why read the book when you can live the reality in Britain today!
Date Added: 15/11/2005

shhhhh they'll hear you
Date Added: 17/11/2005

Bah! I'm probably on their list already. :p
Date Added: 17/11/2005

Gone Away
I'm glad I'm old.
Date Added: 17/11/2005

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kaga azur lane
That article enraged me too.
Date Added: 17/10/2019

Happy Glass Game
Same feels here, it really mad me mad. But what we should do is just move on and have some fun.
Date Added: 18/02/2020

Happy Glass Game
Same feels here, it really mad me mad. But what we should do is just move on and have some fun.
Date Added: 18/02/2020

Happy Glass Game
Same feels here, really got mad also, but we have to move on and have some fun
Date Added: 18/02/2020

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