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Visual Studio 2005
It's that time again. Blog guilt is creeping up on me and I have to think of something to say. I'd post some bike related trivia but I suspect that only Mick cares about the bike stuff. So what do I say instead?
It occurs to me that I've been using the Beta of Visual Studio 2005 and .NET 2 for a few weeks now and the first release post-beta has just come out on MSDN. Maybe it'd be a good idea to give you guys a few of my thoughts. The HTML side of VS 2005 is a huge improvement on the 2003 version. The old version would mess with your code as soon as you switched to design view (or even just looked at another control) and this one seems mercifully free of that tendency. Well apart from when it decides to style tables with height and width values for no reason... That is such a relief, I used to keep any page open in Dreamweaver so that I could quickly overwrite any abominations VS caused in my HTML, now that need is gone. I've recently switched to C# so it's hard for me to comment on language features in the new version as I have a limited understanding of what was available in the old. Generally though my first impressions are very favourable towards VS 2005, give it a go if you like .NET.


Gone Away
Maybe they'll fix that tables business if you complain about it to them. Isn't that the job of a beta tester? ;)
Date Added: 02/11/2005

Well as the first release is now out and I shall be installing it soon we shall see if it's fixed or not.
Date Added: 02/11/2005

I like the techy stuff aswell!
Date Added: 25/11/2005

That's good Mick, I sometimes worry about my odd mix of posts but if someone likes the techy stuff and the bike stuff then I'm happy. :D
Date Added: 25/11/2005

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