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I'd better post something I guess
As I completely lack anything of any worth to say at the momement here's a picture of me doing my best power ranger impression:

Me on my new Z750

Gone Away
.oO(My son, the alien invader...)
Date Added: 21/10/2005

I used to laugh at guys on sports bikes with matching leathers...
Date Added: 21/10/2005

I still am..................
Date Added: 22/10/2005

That is sooo not you... and if it is you're going to have to pick me up off the floor.... lmfao

Personally I always liked the green ranger.... he had a bit of an edge y'know?

Date Added: 22/10/2005

hey bruh, im sat in web design 1 yahoo chat thingy. IM me if you are around
Date Added: 23/10/2005

Vanessa I'm afraid that is me! But at least I can see the funny side :p
Date Added: 24/10/2005

Which series are you from Ninja Storm or Dino Thunder?
Actually I'm just jealous 'cos my SV has been off the road for nearly a month after failing the MOT.
Date Added: 26/10/2005

Hey Mick! A month? It'll feel amazing when you have it back on the road. I nearly went for another SV this time around but I tried a Z750 and I was just blown away, I've found the love of my life...
Date Added: 26/10/2005

It fecking better feel amazing after the money I've spent on it!
Date Added: 28/10/2005

I know what you mean, bike stuff is hideously expensive. I'm lucky in that my mate Andy is mechanic and a bike enthuisiast, so when stuff needs fitting he can guide me.
Date Added: 29/10/2005

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