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Peak District
I had a run up to the Peak District today and it was fabulous. I'm too tired to write much about it but I thought I'd take the opportunity to post a picture of my Z750 basking in the Derbyshire Dales sunshine. I'll try and put some of the other pictures up in a gallery at some point.

My lovely Z

That's a nice bike, man. Certainly much cooler than my friend's bike. Manufactured by the same company, I think.
Date Added: 25/09/2005

That's a great link Josh, I shall be chuckling all day. :D
Date Added: 25/09/2005

Gone Away
Ooooh, Kwaka. :D And ROFLOL at Josh's offering.
Date Added: 25/09/2005

I have z750 too ;) and it's also black ;) great bike!
Date Added: 09/09/2006

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