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It's dusk and Andy and I are out on a back lane blast. The days heat has died down and the sky's in the last phase of a sunset. I lead for a while but I'm not flowing, I think I'm trying too hard. After a while Andy blasts ahead to lead and I find I'm riding better with less to worry about.
Flowing from bend to bend, this is fun! I have to work hard to keep Andy in sight, giving it a fistfull away from every corner. We come round a tight ninety degree left hander and I see a hump in the road ahead, I wack the throttle open and the v-twin growls and leaps forward. In the back of my mind I'm aware that the front wheel might lift going over the hump. The bike hits the rise still accelerating hard. Eeek! The tank's just hit me in the stomach! The wheel has to be two foot of the ground and it feels like five. Before I know it I've let go of the throttle and the wheel drops back.
I've just pulled my first wheelie!! Damn, I nearly had a heart-attack... Maybe wheelie school before I do that again.

Gone Away
.oO(I don't want to know!)
Date Added: 19/06/2005

HeheheheDon't worry Dad it gave me a huge fright.
Date Added: 19/06/2005

im with Gone
Date Added: 20/06/2005

geez, was this supposed to be a father's day entry? lmao (I think you failed...) :X

Date Added: 20/06/2005

2 felt like 2 went light at the front...!! It was the incline of the didn't sit up to allow for this did you...?! Ok - I believe you, I saw the after effect. Luv n stuff xx
Date Added: 28/06/2005

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