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Suzuki SV650s K4
Well I picked my new bike up on wednesday morning and it's lovely. I am of course running it in at the moment so I'm very limited on the revs I'm allowed (a mere 5000). Even with the limitations I can tell you a few first impressions:
It's very pretty and looks mean and moody in black. The V-twin motor is a real suprise after the inline fours I trained on, it's noisey and "thumpy" where they whined but it does pull from low down in the rev range. The riding postion is more focused than I expected it to be, your feet are set high and quite far back and the clip-on grips are quite a low reach. I love the noise of the engine on over-run, it's a real deep burumbabrum. The under seat storage is laughably small, I had problems fitting my sandwiches under there! The mirrors are excellent... if you want to look at your elbows. Probably the strongest impression after 400 miles (yes I did 400 miles in two day) is that it's fun, really really fun.
In fact; buy one!

Gone Away
Well, you know my feelings on the matter, Mad. Enjoy but be careful and watch out for those crazy car drivers. :>
Date Added: 27/05/2005

Pictures!! We WANT PICTURES!!!!!
Date Added: 27/05/2005

ooooh did you get the purdy black one? the one I liked best? woohoo!!! Yes, yes we DO need pictures....

Date Added: 27/05/2005

see I wasn't lying when I said it was a good bike.
My first one was black, my current one is blue.
Date Added: 27/05/2005

Is this the one with the cowling, or is it naked up front? For some reason I keep thinking of this bike as something like a Yamaha Seca II as far as the body lines. I need pictures, I am to lazy to research this.
How's your lower back feeling? :P

Date Added: 27/05/2005

Ok guys, I have taken pictures but I can't upload 'em till I find my camera's USB cable. As soon as I do I'll put something up. Yes Vanessa I got the purdy black one! You were quite right Mick, she's a blast. I've just had the 600 mile service done and I can use 7000 revs now and it's fun all the way. Josh I got the one with a nose fairing, I'm not sure what a Seca II looks like so I can't compare but here's a pic of my make/model/colour. The lower back's ok but but my upper back's a bit sore, as is my clutch hand.
Date Added: 01/06/2005

if you google on Suzuki SV650s K4
you come top!
Date Added: 02/06/2005

That's cool! Thanks for telling me Keef.
Date Added: 02/06/2005

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