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A correspondence
Keith to me

Me to Keith
whatdya mean "test"?????
Sasquatch I say, sasquatch sir and dem your eyes

Keith to me
Sasquatch is it? Well Sir I have not been so insulted since the King
of Spain snubbed me for his horse. I challenge you to pistols at dawn,
I will play God save the Queen, you can play Anarchy in the UK and
whoever gets a court order first wins.
Hrrrmph Sir, i say again Hrrrmph!

Me to Keith
The King of Spain is an oik!
But for once the varlet has a point, you sir are a cad, a bounder and
a knave. I see your queen and play an ace. "Court order" says he? I was
at court before your folks crawled from the gutter..
dem yer eyes say I again
tish pshaw!

Keith to me
Sir, your opinions are like the blunted needle of a toothless
seamstress, pointless sir, pointless.
If you were not so far away i would thrash you Sir, thrash you like a
schoolmaster would an errant boy. You sir are a fop, nay a peacock,
you are all chest and feathers but no bite to be a feared of.
dem yer eyes sir, dem dem to hell

Me to Keith
"Thrash me" quoth he?
Methinks a knave may make that boast as he skips (yes skips sir, skips
like a little girl sir!), cowardly into the down under! A true
gentleman would turn around at once rather than be impuned and so you
are sir: puned I say, puned.
Dem yer britches and yer dem eyes...


is it not pugned?
Date Added: 28/01/2005

Gone Away
It is, sir, it is. Not that these hearty knaves would know the difference. 'Pon my word, sir, a scurvy crew they seem and not a groat 'tween the pair of 'em. Yet they'd make fine fodder for the press gang, methinks. Lieutenant, away with these dastardly fellows and a pox on their thieving hides!
Date Added: 28/01/2005

I can just see Google's algorithms struggling to come up with relevant adds for that lot of piffle (yes, piffle says I!) its offering me Linux servers for some reason.
Date Added: 28/01/2005

tish,pshaw man. The day i do not have a groat to my name is the day i shall change my name to John 'no'.
Date Added: 29/01/2005

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