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You guys have to see the latest submission to CSS Zen Gardens, its not up yet but you can see it here. I'm amazed, once again we see how versatile CSS is. I wish I'd been involved in designing this...
I might do my own homage to the style.

Gone Away
As you know, for a moment there I thought you were serious. My excuse is that I had only just woken up. I am sorry to spoil the joke, realizing that its cleverness is partly in the unspoken, but for the sake of laymen like myself, I decided to make the comment anyway.
Date Added: 20/01/2005

Awwww Dad! Honestly I was looking forward to outraged denials of my poor taste...
Date Added: 20/01/2005

whew. Good thing pap beat me here; I was abt to lay into the youth. Even as a rusted graphics sort, my incense-tivity goes haywire seeing such eye-drivel. Cursed clip art. Cursed "Hey, anyone can do layout". Rue the fricking day when "dummy" took another meaning. O Goldenrod,wherefore? Wherefore? (the glitch with the apostro seems to be fixed, Mad. Kudos)

Date Added: 21/01/2005

You are a sick, sick man.

Date Added: 22/01/2005

The watchful eye
Say this not!
Mr. Man, aka Mad had a problem with apostrophes in his code?
*leaves to serve up a volley of comeuppance*
Date Added: 22/01/2005

bloody hell.
Is this think working yet?
muhoh mmm muhoha, muhowahahahahaha

Date Added: 22/01/2005

:oI object! That apostrophe (er Mr Way, close your ears) issue sounds like a user problem to me. Apostrophe's are fine in comments. Sheesh, its like developing with the KGB next door.
Date Added: 22/01/2005

Ve know vere you leeve...
Date Added: 23/01/2005

Hey that CSS stuff is pretty neat, its like retro website all we need is a program that turns digital photos into askii art and we will really be getting somewhere.
Disclaimer: The thoughts expressed in this post are insane and rambling and are in no way intended to reflect the current state of mind of the postee
Date Added: 23/01/2005

There's a site that converts jpegs etc into Ascii art but why you'd do such?
Date Added: 23/01/2005

simply because they would look ideal as the centrepiece to a CSS page of course
Date Added: 23/01/2005

(the only post that made any sense was Josh's mumbling)
Date Added: 23/01/2005

the art of mumbling coherently takes years -- nay,
decades to perfect.
Date Added: 23/01/2005

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