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For those of you who don't know before I was a web developer I spent a lot of time in catering; a lot of time. Why do I mention it you ask? Well I discovered a blog. By a waiter and it's reminded me of all the things I've seen/done/heard in my years in restaurants. Now there is a whole book here (in fact this may be my "everyone has a book in them" book) but I thought: hey why not share some anecdotes!.

I think one of the funniest things I've ever seen in a restaurant was in Chiquito's in Leicester Square, London. I worked there for two years and just let me say DO NOT EAT THERE. Anyway one day myself and two of the senior restaurant staff are waiting in the cashiers office for a manager to come and cash some tables for us when the phone rings. We can tell from the LCD display that its not an internal call and that therefore its a customer and there is a company policy for answering the call (Chiquito's restaurant and bar, good evening ****** speaking how can I help you). One of the guys I'm with (a supervisor) picks up the phone and does the correct greeting but he gives the name of the waiter sat next to him. It's a customer enquiring about booking for the evening. He listens long enough to figure this out and then starts doing "crazy and very angry chimpanzee screaming" noises down the receiver and banging the handset (hard) on the desk. Then he stops to listen to the stunned silence on the line and hangs up. Of course what made it funniest was the face of the waiter next to him whos name had been given.... I laughed till I cried

Gone Away
Just hope that the customer, whoever it was, never reads your blog, Mad. ;)
Date Added: 22/12/2004

Now that's a funny!
Date Added: 23/12/2004

Thanks esp. for the Waiter site, Mad. Another gem to add on.
Date Added: 23/12/2004

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