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MSN Toolbar
MS are putting in the overtime at the moment, they've just released the MSN Toolbar Suite Beta. One thing I did notice though is this message "Warning! Your browser does not meet the minimum system requirements. You are recommended to use the MSN Toolbar Suite with Internet Explorer 5.01 or later." Awww what'dya mean Bill?! I can't use it with Firefox?? *sniggers*

Gone Away
Just the first step in MSN's campaign to draw us away from Google and into their search engine arms, Mad. And you'll all fall for it, I know you will, you always do. Buncha sheep, the lotuvya...
Date Added: 14/12/2004

After reading a plug for Firefox, which seems to imply idiots like me would find easier to use, what is your opinion of this venue? (in simple terms, like Cat and Dog)
Date Added: 15/12/2004

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