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The sun's setting and the country road is dark before me. To my left a glorious pink halo paints the clouds as the winter sun waves goodbye for the evening. My lights pick out the dark tarmac rolling over the hills of north Warwickshire and barely brushes the bosky hedgerows. I'm enjoying my ride out, I was frustrated earlier that I had to hang around and do other stuff when all I felt like doing was riding my lovely little motorbike. She's an Italian made 125 and so much fun. For a while I'm behind a couple of lumbering cars, how they annoy me with their slow meandering. But as my bike isn't a pocket rocket I wait behind 'em till they turn off the main road. Free at last to roll as I wish! I open the throttle and enjoy the evening air. Little fields and houses appear to float past me. I'm still while the world turns under my wheels. Getting into the rhythm now; this is why I love bikes. Here comes a right-hander; slide my bum over to the right of the saddle, hang my body out over the corner, head up looking at where I want the bike to go, over she goes, leaning with me, I reach the apex, give it some throttle and I'm out of the corner. I'm grinning, this is why I ride this road it's "technically challenging" as the bike magazines would say. I wouldn't normally ride it this late but I need to get out. Ok, here comes a left, a bit sharper too. I brake down to about thirty, get ready, slide my bum over to the left, enter the corner. Oh shit! There's mud all over the road! Great big lumps of honest Anglo-Saxon mud. Lots of mud. Deadly mud. I know that if I try and stay with this corner that I'm going to slide. I can feel that the tyre’s have lost grip on the slick surface. No choice. I'm running wide onto the other side of the road. Ok. I'm not gonna come off on the mud but what am I going to do about the car coming the other way? Eek! A car! I'm on its side of the road riding straight at it. The old cliché - time stands still - well not still, but my brain goes into overdrive and it seems to slow. Two choices now: Ride into the car and take flight briefly (and painfully) OR lay it over on the bank at the side of the road. No choice there really, I lay it over. Here comes the bank *Frames missing* - *normal service resumes* I’m lying on the bank. Scramble up, get my bike upright and on it’s stand. Ok, front mudguard's broken. Left hand mirrors gone (weird I laid it down on its right hand side?). Engine's running. Frame and forks seems fine. Relief floods me; I think she's ok. Am I? I look down - list: two legs, two arms, one torso, head's in place. Good so far. Does anything hurt? Nope (I suspect that'll change quite soon). Any holes? Blood? Anything seem less attached that it should? Nope. Someone's calling me. "Are you alright?" Oh it's a woman in that car I just hurtled in front of. "Yes I'm fine thank you" I call in my best chirpy Queens English (why do we do that? If I was honest I'd say "No I just crashed you idiot") And of the car goes.
Ye gods I've been lucky, I've just had my first "off" and I'm intact and my bike has only sustained cosmetic damage.
I need a bigger bike...


Gone Away
Good stuff, Mad. Sheesh, everyone's a writer...
Date Added: 08/12/2004

Mr. Way
I must finish this later, after the laughter subsides (never made it past the pink part)

(I'll deal with Yerdad's snit of jealousy later, son.)
Date Added: 08/12/2004

Mr. Way rebuts Mr. Way
Well, ain't that just a wig? He is aboot to pass you, and on that teensy-weensy girly bike, Wy.

Whydoncha front him the money for his down-payment, and lessee how he rides then?

Fine work, Master Mad.
Date Added: 08/12/2004

Gone Away
I pull rank on him, Way - gotta keep the feller in his place somehow. As for fronting him the money, he is earning wayyyy (delicious play on the name, do it again), wayyyyyyyyyy more than I am at the moment. :D
Date Added: 08/12/2004

A designer AND a writer... do my talents ever end? lmao
Date Added: 08/12/2004

Way More?
Then my efforts aren't wasted, Hizdad, for I may soon hit him up for a small loan.
Date Added: 09/12/2004

Well you know what they say, there are those who have gone down and those who will go down. I personally haven't gone down yet but I've come pretty damn close several times.
Thanks for the coment on my site. I ride a 99 Honda CBR F4 600. I'm in the process of changing it's happy yellow color into a more sinister stealthy suretogetmerunthehellover flat black.
Date Added: 04/02/2005

Don't mind me...
Date Added: 09/06/2005

Hey MAD (aka BuBaker)...

Nice recollection of your ride. I wish I had read your story long ago because through your eyes, you saw the world passing you as you stayed fixed on the bike. I saw it the normal way, but I like your assessment better!

I broke my left foot on my first fall; by the second one I had learned to "walk off from the bike"... and I did. I was standing as it was sliding and spinning.

Don't stop riding until you have more responsibilites, i.e., family.

Keep the rubber side down!

Lady Fiddler
Date Added: 10/06/2005

Mad (aka Bubs)
Thanks for commenting Lady. I intend to be a life long biker if God will let me and I hope always to keep 'er rubber side down. As for responsibilities, I decided long ago that I'm not the marrying kind...
Date Added: 10/06/2005

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