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Typical MS and Sony's a bully
First of, the blogsphere is rightly pointing out that MSN's new blog service doesn't even attempt to use valid code. Way to go MS, it's good to see that the efforts of organisations like the W3 are completely wasted on you. Next up we have MSN's blog terms of service (Scroll down to section 6). Basically guys DO NOT BLOG WITH Microsoft!!! If you come up with a great idea and blog it there, hey guess what, it belongs to Bill.
Next up we have SONY bullying a blogger. I suggest that we, as a blogging community, rally round; if Sony sues a lone blogger, well, we're all potentially vunerable. If they take this further I suggest someone sets up a "defend Kottke" fund and we all pay-pal what we can to it.

Gone Away
Yay to the little guys - boo to MS and Sony!
Date Added: 06/12/2004

le Capitain du GnitPicree
Ummm, I just stopped in to say how much I like your site, but then suddenly, I fell aghast -- I realized that you've solicited my email and website address, yet you have done nothing with them! What kind of hogwarsh be that? Transparency! vox populi demands it!

*ahem* - Perhaps someone's commenter is not as far up to snuff as said person would like said commenter to be -- one cannot be sure, but one cannot help but infer such a thing. :>

Date Added: 07/12/2004

Ahhh Monsieur Hill!Yes, I'm afraid you have me banged to rights. I have everyone's email's and URL's but I don't link 'em to your name on the comment post. In my defence it is one of the features I intend to build as soon as I have some time (and a little inspiration on how to do it)... *mutters "soto voice" at least you could comment on my system*
Date Added: 07/12/2004

Mr. Way
See, here is the skinny, according to yours Yanks (ask yerdad) is all fascinated with strange and exotic lingos (we are bored silly here, being overrun with an excess of fire hydrants, or "far hydrigents", as my dear ex-MIL calls 'em, so off with your writer's cap, and sit a spell and whoop it up with some good tales of the life you know so well. I desperately need new material to steal from.
Date Added: 07/12/2004

Err Way, I'm the web designer here. I'm not a writer, so unless you're interested in the development of accessible web pages best I stick with my general drivel...
Date Added: 07/12/2004

Now I am much too contrary to pass this one up. The fact, Jack, is that everyone of us bipodal units, obstacularly obstinate as time itself, all write. Therefore we are all writers. Some surely decrease the relaxed balance of atmospheric pressure more than others, but you are certainly not one of these, my friend.

Date Added: 09/12/2004

Gone Away
Sometimes, Way, you lose me totally.... ;)
Date Added: 09/12/2004

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