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MS Blogging: a conversation
If my Dad can cheat and use a conversation from Yahoo messenger as a blog post, then so can I... and I enjoyed this conversation. I hope you do too.
Thebubaker: So what'd ya think to MS Blogging?
gone_away: Not sure - haven't looked at the relevant sites yet
thebubaker: There's nothing to see yet... not even in public beta I think
thebubaker: It's just the idea that's interesting
gone_away: Oh they've made a blogger?
thebubaker: They're making one... "MSN Blogger" kinda thing
gone_away: Well it is interesting but also infuriating...
thebubaker: I think you just summed up MS
gone_away: They just cannot keep from climbing on every bandwagon that comes along
thebubaker: Yup
gone_away: When was the last time MS actually began something?
thebubaker: They don't invent, they nick
gone_away: They just move in and take over when anything becomes even slightly big
gone_away: Bastards
thebubaker: Yup
gone_away: When will they have made enough money?
thebubaker: Hah!
gone_away: But we'll get back at em...
thebubaker: When no one else in the world has any more money
thebubaker: We will?
gone_away: One day they will have all the money...
gone_away: Then we'll have to go back to the barter system...
gone_away: And MS will come along and ask if anyone wants to play with them in their new "MSoney" system...
gone_away: And we will tell them...
gone_away: F**k off!
thebubaker: I'd enjoy that immensely
gone_away: Me too


Gone Away
Mad. MUST you always quote me only on those rare occasions when I let a naughty word slip? And at least I did you the courtesy of editing out your typos...
Date Added: 02/12/2004

I'll fix it when SQL lets me edit stuff again. I didn't mean to leave the typos in honest. And at least this time I put ** in your vile language (If your readership knew how much you swear...)
Date Added: 02/12/2004

Gone Away
Hardly ever. Admit it.
Date Added: 02/12/2004

He swears like a trooper guys (and he kicks kittens).
Date Added: 02/12/2004

(Some day I will figure this out and be able to find Ebay on the first shot. How do I always end up here, and who ARE these people, anyway?)
Date Added: 02/12/2004

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