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Suzuki Bandit 400
My mate Andy is selling his Bandit 400. This leaves me with a dilema. I have secretly coveted that bike since the day I saw it and he's selling it for a reasonable price... BUT I'm skint. I have no money. For two days I have been plotting and looking at my finances for ways to lay my hands on it. I'm considering a collosal move round of my finances and some re-financing. The thing is it's not only a desirable bike but it's perfect for my level of experience. Small(ish) capacity, easy handling characteristics and it's a good size for me to do my bike test on. So not only do I want it but I've convinced myself that I need it. The other thing weighing on my mind is that my little Gillera, that I love so much, doesn't seem to be up to the kind of long distance, all weather commuting that I'm throwing at it. *sigh* Maybe I should put a pay-pal "donate to Mad's bike fund" button on my site... (Yeah right, my one reader's as poor as me I bet)

Mr Way
Now look here, Mad one. You sell a chair or battery from a car -- whatever it takes -- but hurry and get that leaf-blower-on-wheels and set it between your legs, and then rev that sucker up...we need some new material to write about!
Date Added: 30/11/2004

Cheers Mr Way, I think it'll take more than the sale of a chair but you're right; where there's a will, there's a... err way. Loved the latest edition of your blog, I really fancy a look at Haiti now. But first I have to ride across the US on a Harley.
Date Added: 30/11/2004

Gone Away
Now look here, Mr Way - that's my son you're encouraging there. And I'd rather he was still around for a few years yet, if you don't mind. Motorbikes, pah.... (and, apart from anything else, he still has to come see America. Oh all right, Mad, buy the bike and bring it over here)
Date Added: 01/12/2004

Buy it. Buy it.
Date Added: 01/12/2004

See? Kits is on my side... Hey this means Ms Kitsy has been visiting on the sly!
Date Added: 01/12/2004

Any Way
True, Gone. Motor bikes are fraught with danger. But with proper fatherly instruction, the main and deadliest fraught becomes nil. Mad, learn to stop grinning, which will prevent unsightly bug build-up on those teeth your papa paid dearly for.
Date Added: 01/12/2004

Gone Away
Hmmm, seems I'm outnumbered here...

And Kits! How dare you comment on Mad's blog and not on mine? ;)
Date Added: 01/12/2004

Hey! It is my site you know, don't forget you're a guest Dad ;)
Date Added: 02/12/2004

Fellers (spits, and jingles pocket change), tain't none'er my bizness, but it shore looks like ya'll up and runned Kit off from hyer.
Date Added: 03/12/2004

What with all ya'lls fuedin' n fussin'(spits)
Date Added: 03/12/2004

Gone Away
(Who IS that man in the dirty overalls and slouch hat......?)
Date Added: 04/12/2004

I say, it appears some of the plebian riff-raff have been allowed to comment. That's just not cricket you know.
Date Added: 04/12/2004

I own that Bandit now...
Date Added: 12/02/2006

Gone Away
.oO(Hey, look - a voice from the future!)
Date Added: 13/02/2006

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